Popov and son Ltd
GSM: 0898 407 726 email: popovandson@mail.bg
Convenient and fine railings for your cosy place!
Popov and son LTD design, manufacture and assembly different railing models made by steel, inox, wood and glass. We can offer you wide range of railings in different price range. In our company work experts with innovation way of thinking, offering you original design for your unique place. In our process we use laser cutting systems, drawing on glass materials and craftsman works also.We offers you individual projects and designs for your place.
We produce wall handrails made by inox, wood, brass or combined materials. We offers you balustrade panels by ours or yours design.
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№1 Inox Railing with wooden handrail
№2 Laser Cutting Railing
№3 Laser Cutting Railing
№4 Iron Railing with wooden handrail
№5 Glass Railing with wooden handrail
№6 Inox Railing with wooden comuns
№7 Laser Cutting Railing with wooden handrail
№8 Inox, Glass and wooden handrail
№9 Inox Railing
№10 Inox Railing
№11 Inox Railing
№12 Inox, Glass Railing
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