Popov and son Ltd
GSM: 0898 407 726 email: popovandson@mail.bg
Fine, resistant, and functional constuctions for every plave.!
Popov and Son LTD design, manufacture and assembly different interior constructions for home, office, garden or industrial needs. We design and manufacture pergolas, porchs, awnings, pavilions, alcoves and unique products for your place. We manufacture light weight steel constructions.
The material we use for our interior and exterior constructions depends of the need are: Iron, Inox, Stainless steel, Brass, Wood, Polycarbonate, Glass
Constructions and Unique Products Gallery :
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№1 Glass Bridge Construction
№2 Wooden Alcove
№3 Wooden Construction
№4 Metal Construction
№5 Metal Construction
№6 Awning
№7 Glass Bridge Construction
№8 Wooden Pergola Construction
№9 Wooden Construction
№10 Unique Coffee Table
№11 Unique Fireplace
№12 Unique Flower Caddy